Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stunning Seattle

Several weeks ago, an old friend from middle school contacted me about an upcoming mural contest in Seattle. I absolutely love murals, and I've done several for New York Cares over the years, so I looked into it immediately.

Choosing one of four humongous walls was easy for me. I chose the smallest one.

From the start, I sketched out a ton of ideas, ranging from birds to floral designs to Alice in Wonderland, but I ended up submitting my first idea: lyrics from Devo's Gates of Steel.


My first storefront sign design went up a couple of weeks ago in my neighborhood! It was a great experience, mainly because my clients, the owners of baby/mama, were absolutely wonderful to work with.

When I created this logo, I was slightly nervous about how it would translate into a large, three-dimensional sign -- would it read the same way? Would the safety pin show up enough? Would the colors look similar? Well, it turned out beautifully, as you can see below.

The shop opened their doors with a successful grand opening party on Mother's Day. If you are ever in the Bay Ridge area in Brooklyn, I highly recommend you stop by this store. I'm so happy they are here!

Impromptu puppet show

It's been an exhilarating few weeks! I've been hired to illustrate two children's books, I've had my first storefront sign design go up, I've signed up for a new art course and I just submitted a comp for a mural contest.

Wonderfully, I've also been able to start some new art projects with my son. While working to develop one of my new book characters, I decided to try some cathartic shape-cutting out of construction paper. As my husband read bedtime stories to Archer, I sat at the end of the bed quickly clipping away anything I could think of. Within a few minutes, Archer sat up, unexpectedly intrigued. He began asking questions, and making requests, and soon I was putting on a puppet show! He was so delighted, as was I.

Our horse with saddle below is one of many puppets we made: