Thursday, November 14, 2013

More collaborations with Archer

As I've mentioned, my five year old and I collaborate on art projects quite frequently. We generally begin with some sort of painting, and then we forget about it for awhile. Weeks or months later, one of us will find what we'd started and add to it using another medium.

Below is a painting that we created together, that I later picked up and penciled on some birds.

I then cut it into a postcard shape and laminated it with packing tape. I experimented with some sewing (in lieu of the Great Stitched Postcard project), but I became discouraged, and I put it away.

Archer ran across it a couple of weeks later and thought the stitched buildings were fascinating. He immediately asked for a Sharpie, and drew "buildings with portals" hovering above my pink brownstone.

Although it's not complete (Archer has a few ideas about what to add next), I adore how my son saw a story in this, when I was ready to throw it in the trash.

I will post again once its finished.